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IMAGINE was founded in 2014 by Shirley Winner & Roy Tal.

IMAGINE is an innovative non-profit aiming to promote empowerment through music for various populations in need of a positive and inspiring experience. IMAGINE believes that music changes lives, increases self value and social skills and connects people.

IMAGINE aims to teach, develop and empower musical abilities in weakened populations through innovative teaching methods and cutting edge technology instruments thus enabling all people, regardless of their age, physical, emotional or cognitive state to create music and be a part of the community through social musical activity.



This program aims to deal with the growing  phenomenon of senior citizens’ loneliness and cognitive deterioration. The program operates within nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, day care centres, hospital Geriatric wards and within the community in people’s homes.

The program’s main goal is to improve wellbeing through music. By creating an affecting connection between senior citizens and volunteers, for both mutual listening and open conversation surrounding music, we aim to reduce their sense of loneliness and promote their quality of life.

IMAGINE has involved leading academics and professionals within the field of brain research and old age in order to create this program.

We found that listening together creates ‘Empathic listening’ which leads to a deeper and more meaningful connection between the volunteer and the participant.

Program Modules

‘Listening 2Gether’: a module based on ‘one-on-one’ weekly meetings between volunteer and participant.

‘Musical moments in life’:  a module based on weekly group meetings in which each week one of the participants tells his life story through musical memories.

Our versatile field work brought on the need for a documentation tool for this program: memories, favourite songs, copies of old pictures, etc. IMAGINE has developed a first of its kind app that will make the documentation of the volunteering process easy, efficient, accessible and fun.

IMAGINE is also responsible for the training and year-round support for both staff and volunteers in various projects dealing with thousands of participants.


Yearly Music program for children and adults with disabilities operating nationwide both within the special education system and afternoon programs in community centres.

The program combines approaches from music education, music therapy and positive psychology and strives to focus on each participant’s ability and not disability. The program offers a variety of activities involving active listening, performing and creating music. It is unique and innovative in both the teaching methods and musical technologies it uses.

The program has been accepted by the Israeli ministry of education as a core program in the special education system and is starting its implementation this year.

IMAGINE has developed exclusive content for this program including; games, activities, pre-designed lessons, virtual masterclasses and much more to fit all ages, disabilities and functionality levels.

Research has proven that participating in musical activity  improves wellbeing of participants and promotes their inclusion in society.

In the upcoming school year IMAGINE will be operating over 100 groups nationwide.


The IMAGINE Toolbox aims to implement IMAGINE’s belief that music has healing and strengthening powers for various populations and creates an ideal platform for educational and therapeutic work. The programs consists of training modules offering the knowledge and experience acquired by IMAGINE in an easy, creative and exciting way. The IMAGINE Toolbox is perfect for music teachers, tutors, caregivers, volunteers, music therapists and parents.


IMAGINE aspires to become the leading organization in it’s field working hand in hand with leading professionals and organizations. we offer lectures and workshops for various organizations, non-profits, universities and professional conferences around the world .


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