About us

imagine is an innovative nonprofit, IMAGINE promoting strategies of empowerment using music as a tool for bettering the lives of various populations.

imagine’s goals are
to reach every person, regardless of special needs and find creative ways to turn disabilities to abilities using music revolutionized the way music is taught and be the leading source of knowledge in the field.

A person playing the guitar

Our Programs

IMAGINE Nationwide

Our Stories

The Israeli President with the children of Imagine

Meeting with President Reuven Rivlin

We were very excited to travel with Imagine children to Jerusalem, traveled in the President house, sang and even played football.

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Exciting performance of Roy Ginat and the singer Daniel Solomon

“The music just saved him, it is the reason he wakes up in the morning”

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The singer Daniel Solomon performing together with the young Tomer Ginat, a blind talent

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34 Nahalat Izhak Tel Aviv Phone 052-4002000

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